Friday, 30 August 2013

Fashion Friday: The Knit Kid

My attention was drawn to Sabrina Weigt's beautiful knitted creations in the latest issue of Mollie Makes magazine. The magazine featured a pattern to knit one of her colour block t-shirt designs, which is definitely at the top of my making list. I find it unusual to come across such modern and wearable designs within the crafts of knitting and crochet. So I was very pleased to see the project in Mollie Makes and was even more delighted when I paid a visit to Sabrina Weigt's website, The Knit Kid.
The designs are chic and simple and importantly have just the modern edge needed. Colour blocked areas are a regular feature and combine with up to date silhouettes. Plus, there's not a single old fashioned shawl in sight. These clothes are relaxed but keep their style and are perfectly made. I am in absolute awe and wish I had the knitting expertise to make them myself. You can browse and buy garments from The Knit Kid Etsy shop.

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Ribbon roses hoop

I've now finished my third hoop to hang alongside the patchwork and embroidery hoops. I've seen ribbon roses in so many different books and have always wanted to have a go at them so this was the perfect project to use them for. I embroidered the roses in three different shades of pink ribbon and added leaves using straight stitches in two different shades of green. I kept the wooden hoop simple this time and painted it in a very light shade of pink.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Retro sausage dog

The latest issue of Mollie Makes turned up on Saturday morning and this time the free gift was a retro plushie sausage dog designed by Jane Foster. I always read Mollie Makes so quickly because it is so brilliant! This month there is a beautiful knitted colour block top, which will be my next project as soon as I can get to a wool shop. So by Monday afternoon, once I had read the magazine I made up the free gift. The finished result is so cute and perfectly retro.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Simple blue necklace

I'm seeing the beauty in the small and subtle jewellery now after months of craving large statement gems. Although I still love bolder jewellery statements, my new Zara necklace will be staying at the front of my jewellery box; smaller details are catching my eye. They are perfect to compliment outfits that have loud colours or busy prints or can provide a glimpse of colour against a pared back neutral ensemble. 
I love the elegance of a single strand of beads, which is the focus in this simple necklace. The blue beads are in three different shades and they catch the light beautifully. I have mentioned before that I tend to balance out colours with neutral coloured beads and pearls are my favourite type of beads to do this with. So I combined these beads with small pearls and added some thin blue cord to finish. Its very simple and was easy to make but gives a beautiful result. The best thing is all the beads and components cost me just over £5 from Bijoux Beads; much cheaper than from a jewellery shop and unique which is what I love about handmade jewellery. It looks wonderful worn with a fine white shirt with the necklace peeking out from underneath the collar.


Friday, 23 August 2013

Fashion Friday: Zara purchases

So its official: Zara is my new favourite high street shop. For affordable and beautiful clothes it's absolutely perfect. Recently I've made a few purchases from Zara, I meant to do this post last week but when I got round to taking the pictures I realised the t-shirt was in the wash! So I managed to get my buys together this week to show you.
I'm in love with A/W's dark florals at the moment and I never can resist a statement necklace. A bomber jacket is not something I would normally go for, but made more luxurious in a silky fabric and in this beautiful floral print, its easy to throw on to make a plain outfit look fabulous. The t-shirt is, of course, a wardrobe staple and I love this one made in a crepe like fabric with a knitted band at the necklace. The necklace absolutely dazzles in sunlight and looks brilliant with both the jacket and t-shirt, until I can afford real diamonds this will suit me perfectly.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Crochet work in progress

Last month I wrote about a brush wrap I had made for my sister and I mentioned that I would make one for my paintbrushes. I have become pretty much addicted to crochet recently and I miss it when I haven't picked up a hook and a ball of yarn in a while. So, to feed my crochet addictions I have finally started my brush wrap and have decided to use crochet for the outer fabric of the brush wrap. I'm using a new stitch which I haven't tried before, I think its called fan stitch and I picked out three balls of wool from my stash to make this. I'm hoping I will have enough of the colours of yarn to make the piece long enough but I have a plan if not. I rarely have periods of time when I'm not making something and I like to have a 'sofa project', this crochet piece is currently keeping me busy in the evenings.

Monday, 19 August 2013


Over the past couple of days I have been doing some Summer work for university. I have to complete three pieces of work and one of them has to be inspired by an artist. So I headed over to my boards on Pinterest for inspiration and there were a few artists on there I could have used but nothing really grabbed my attention.
Recently I've been reading a book about Madeleine Vionnet and there were a few pages showing the work of Ernesto Michahelles known as Thayaht. I had never seen any of Thayaht's work before, he wasn't exclusively a fashion illustrator but he worked with Madeleine Vionnet, illustrating many of the garments she created for fashion magazines such as La Gazette du Bon Ton. 
I think Thayaht's illustrations are really interesting, especially in the way the lines of the clothing continue on into the background and form a pattern enhanced by delicate shading. Below are a few of Thayaht's illustrations, I am using the top one as the main inspiration for my summer project.

1st image from
2nd, 3rd and 5th images from
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Friday, 16 August 2013

Fashion Friday: Coats

I feel that it is time for this year's round up of the best coats for the coming season. I know its still August but all the A/W collections are beginning to come out in the shops and I couldn't resist dedicating this week's Fashion Friday to the lovely things. With two coats in my wardrobe already, do I really need any more? Probably not but I'll never be able to resist buying them. It is fair to say I am a bit obsessed with coats and this year, Ted Baker, Zara and French Connection have the best offerings.
I love longer coats and this masculine coat (Zara) is such a refreshing colour for winter.

This toffee coloured coat (Zara) is a simple but chic double breasted style. It's the perfect coat if you're unsure about longer coats but not that keen on short ones either.

I'm so in love with this coat (Zara). I really don't know how I'm going to be able to go the whole winter without buying it.
For fans of short coats and those who like to make a statement this electric blue coloured coat (French Connection) is perfect in cosy wool.
I usually stay away from oversized coats but these two beauties (above and below, French Connection) could persuade me.

In one of A/W 13's favoured fabrics, this tweed coat (Ted Baker, coming soon) is ideal for looking stylish whilst keeping warm.

Make a colourful statement wherever you go in this bright pink trench coat (Ted Baker).

This winter my main priority coat-wise is to find the perfect fur coat or a least a wool coat with a nice big fur collar. This brown fur coat (Ted Baker, coming soon) looks like it could be a top contender.

There is a special place in my heart for this stunning coat in Ted Baker's beautiful oil painting print. I'm sure it probably won't make it's way into my wardrobe but I'm hoping I might be able to pick it up at a price a bit kinder to my purse when the sale comes around.
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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Patchwork hoop

I have now finished the patchwork hoop to accompany the hoop decoration I mentioned in my last post. This piece was inspired by something I saw at a vintage fair which was a patchwork made out of tiny hexagons, it was so beautiful and I have been wanting to replicate it ever since. I used a pattern I created to cut the hexagons out of different fabrics and then I stitched the hexagons onto a base fabric by hand. Now, I have to confess to being a bit cheeky concerning the crocheted edging. I will explain; there is a book called Hoop-La out at the end of this month and on Amazon you can look inside the book at a few pages. One page had this crochet trim on it and the preview is large enough to read the writing. So I kind of borrowed this idea for now, but I am planning on buying the book when it's out! I'm now well on the way with an embroidered ribbon roses hoop.

There is also some very exciting news today, you might have been aware that it was A level results day today. Well, I got the place I had applied for, so in September I'll be starting Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors (a long title, I know!) at Bath Spa University! I am majorly excited! 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Embroidery hoop decoration

I have always loved sewing displayed in embroidery hoops and have been longing for a collection of them grouped together on a wall for a while now but I don't have much wall space left. For a long time I have had a wreath of knitted and fabric flowers on my bedroom door but it's started to look a bit old and faded now, so I have decided to display pieces of my embroidery and sewing in several different sized hoops on the door. Minimalism is really not my style, so every available surface gets covered. Below is the first completed embroidery to go on the door, this will be the largest size of hoop I will use for this because I have a limited amount of space.
To make this piece I drew out the words onto a piece of paper and traced them onto the fabric with a water soluble fabric pen. I then used embroidery, cut pieces of fabric and couched on some beads to form the words. After this I added some sections cut from vintage lace which I attached with small stitches. To finish off I glued on a rose embellishment and stuck mini bobble trim around the hoop. I tucked under the excess fabric to the back and used a circle of white felt to neaten it off. I have already started some crochet to go in one of the hoops and patchwork for another. Just remember: 'Creative mess is better than idle tidiness', it's a good rule to live by.


Friday, 2 August 2013


Just to let you know I'm off on holiday for another week, so there won't be any blog updates until the week after. Hope you are enjoying your holidays too!

Fashion Friday: The classics

Sometimes its easy to get caught up in the offerings of the new season and forget to buy the basics for your wardrobe. So in contrast to last week, this week's Fashion Friday focuses on the classics and the best places to buy them. A lack of classic items can lead to nothing to wear with new season garments. Invest in good quality classics and they'll last you years and be your essential tools for effortless style. Let this be your go to guide for creating your collection of classics, team with other items and accessorise as you feel fit.


The simple white shirt can be dressed up or down just as easily. Perhaps go for a twist on the white shirt, it can be lovely made from chiffon. Pick a good cut and let it be your trusty companion for teaming with prints.

White shirt, Topshop

Perfect to wear over the white shirt or team with jeans on a casual day is a cashmere jumper. Don't scrimp on an imitation synthetic version, you'll thank yourself when you feel that sumptuously soft cashmere in your wardrobe.

Cashmere jumper, Boden

Introduced to the fashion world by Coco Chanel, the Breton stripe top is still a must have wardrobe staple today. It appears in many different forms, but is most commonly seen with three quarter length sleeves in a lightweight jersey.

Breton top, Boden
I don't know anybody that doesn't have a pair of jeans in their wardrobe. Invest in jeans of all shades and washes of blue or go for three pairs, in dark, medium and light blue. Hard wearing and easy to pair with anything. Of course a pair of denim shorts are essential for summer.
Blue jeans, Topshop

Channel your inner Burberry girl with a trench coat, it will be your go to option for the whole of autumn. Although you might not be buying a real Burberry trench, they still tend to be expensive. But its worth investing in, styles can vary so choose the one that suits you best.

Belted trench, French Connection

Whichever cut you choose, a wool coat is a winter staple, this item is perfect for those really cold days. But don't be tempted by a cheaper acrylic version, wool is much more hard wearing and will keep you toasty.
Wool coat, Jigsaw
Of course you can't write a post about classic items without including the little black dress. You're not short of choice, the LBD comes in so many different styles, there is something to suit everyone. A white shirt worn under a plain, smart LBD with the collar and sleeves peeking out looks amazing.
Black dress, French Connection
A well made blazer and trousers will serve you on many different occasions. The best thing about this is if you buy them to match you can wear them together or separately.
The perfect option for warmer days is a pair of tailored shorts. Perhaps buy a pair to match your blazer so you can wear a blazer and shorts combination in the summer. Ted Baker is normally the best place to get a matching pair of tailored shorts when their S/S collection is out.
Cutwork shorts, Topshop
A pair of leather ankle boots may set you back a bit in terms of your bank balance but they will last you many winters. Real leather is the best option because once you've worn them in they will become lovely and soft. Buy flats for a go anywhere, wear all day option. Just keep your eye on the heels, I wore my Chelsea boots pretty much everyday through autumn, winter and spring (it was such a cold spring here!) and the heels have worn down beyond repair. Take them to a shoe repair shop before it's too late!

Chelsea boots, Topshop

If you buy a pair of ballet pumps in a neutral colour you can wear them with pretty much anything. If like me you normally can't find ballet pumps that actually stay on your feet, go for a pair of T-bar pumps or slippers.
Scalloped pumps, French Connection

Courts are the classic heeled shoe that can be worn with your blazer and trousers, a skirt or to dress up a pair of jeans. Just as lovely with a round toe or a gently pointed toe.

Pointed courts, Ted Baker
The new classic: Ted Baker jersey t-shirt
Bottle print t-shirt, Ted Baker
It may not be a traditional classic but this is my own classic item, it was the first item of clothing I bought from Ted Baker. There was one in the sale last winter with a beautiful mirrored floral and bird print and too good to resist at half the original price. They appear in each season collection with a different print. The thing with this is if you're not prepared to pay £39 for a t-shirt, wait until the sales because these type of t-shirts are usually always in the sale. This item is the new classic because of the sublime cut and paper fine jersey which drapes like a dream. It's a wear anywhere, with anything item that adds instant effortless chic and uplifts an outfit. Perfect for those nothing-to-wear days, if you only buy one item from Ted Baker buy this!