Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Embroidery hoop decoration

I have always loved sewing displayed in embroidery hoops and have been longing for a collection of them grouped together on a wall for a while now but I don't have much wall space left. For a long time I have had a wreath of knitted and fabric flowers on my bedroom door but it's started to look a bit old and faded now, so I have decided to display pieces of my embroidery and sewing in several different sized hoops on the door. Minimalism is really not my style, so every available surface gets covered. Below is the first completed embroidery to go on the door, this will be the largest size of hoop I will use for this because I have a limited amount of space.
To make this piece I drew out the words onto a piece of paper and traced them onto the fabric with a water soluble fabric pen. I then used embroidery, cut pieces of fabric and couched on some beads to form the words. After this I added some sections cut from vintage lace which I attached with small stitches. To finish off I glued on a rose embellishment and stuck mini bobble trim around the hoop. I tucked under the excess fabric to the back and used a circle of white felt to neaten it off. I have already started some crochet to go in one of the hoops and patchwork for another. Just remember: 'Creative mess is better than idle tidiness', it's a good rule to live by.


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