Friday, 16 August 2013

Fashion Friday: Coats

I feel that it is time for this year's round up of the best coats for the coming season. I know its still August but all the A/W collections are beginning to come out in the shops and I couldn't resist dedicating this week's Fashion Friday to the lovely things. With two coats in my wardrobe already, do I really need any more? Probably not but I'll never be able to resist buying them. It is fair to say I am a bit obsessed with coats and this year, Ted Baker, Zara and French Connection have the best offerings.
I love longer coats and this masculine coat (Zara) is such a refreshing colour for winter.

This toffee coloured coat (Zara) is a simple but chic double breasted style. It's the perfect coat if you're unsure about longer coats but not that keen on short ones either.

I'm so in love with this coat (Zara). I really don't know how I'm going to be able to go the whole winter without buying it.
For fans of short coats and those who like to make a statement this electric blue coloured coat (French Connection) is perfect in cosy wool.
I usually stay away from oversized coats but these two beauties (above and below, French Connection) could persuade me.

In one of A/W 13's favoured fabrics, this tweed coat (Ted Baker, coming soon) is ideal for looking stylish whilst keeping warm.

Make a colourful statement wherever you go in this bright pink trench coat (Ted Baker).

This winter my main priority coat-wise is to find the perfect fur coat or a least a wool coat with a nice big fur collar. This brown fur coat (Ted Baker, coming soon) looks like it could be a top contender.

There is a special place in my heart for this stunning coat in Ted Baker's beautiful oil painting print. I'm sure it probably won't make it's way into my wardrobe but I'm hoping I might be able to pick it up at a price a bit kinder to my purse when the sale comes around.
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