Friday, 30 August 2013

Fashion Friday: The Knit Kid

My attention was drawn to Sabrina Weigt's beautiful knitted creations in the latest issue of Mollie Makes magazine. The magazine featured a pattern to knit one of her colour block t-shirt designs, which is definitely at the top of my making list. I find it unusual to come across such modern and wearable designs within the crafts of knitting and crochet. So I was very pleased to see the project in Mollie Makes and was even more delighted when I paid a visit to Sabrina Weigt's website, The Knit Kid.
The designs are chic and simple and importantly have just the modern edge needed. Colour blocked areas are a regular feature and combine with up to date silhouettes. Plus, there's not a single old fashioned shawl in sight. These clothes are relaxed but keep their style and are perfectly made. I am in absolute awe and wish I had the knitting expertise to make them myself. You can browse and buy garments from The Knit Kid Etsy shop.

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