Thursday, 15 August 2013

Patchwork hoop

I have now finished the patchwork hoop to accompany the hoop decoration I mentioned in my last post. This piece was inspired by something I saw at a vintage fair which was a patchwork made out of tiny hexagons, it was so beautiful and I have been wanting to replicate it ever since. I used a pattern I created to cut the hexagons out of different fabrics and then I stitched the hexagons onto a base fabric by hand. Now, I have to confess to being a bit cheeky concerning the crocheted edging. I will explain; there is a book called Hoop-La out at the end of this month and on Amazon you can look inside the book at a few pages. One page had this crochet trim on it and the preview is large enough to read the writing. So I kind of borrowed this idea for now, but I am planning on buying the book when it's out! I'm now well on the way with an embroidered ribbon roses hoop.

There is also some very exciting news today, you might have been aware that it was A level results day today. Well, I got the place I had applied for, so in September I'll be starting Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors (a long title, I know!) at Bath Spa University! I am majorly excited! 

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