Sunday, 25 August 2013

Simple blue necklace

I'm seeing the beauty in the small and subtle jewellery now after months of craving large statement gems. Although I still love bolder jewellery statements, my new Zara necklace will be staying at the front of my jewellery box; smaller details are catching my eye. They are perfect to compliment outfits that have loud colours or busy prints or can provide a glimpse of colour against a pared back neutral ensemble. 
I love the elegance of a single strand of beads, which is the focus in this simple necklace. The blue beads are in three different shades and they catch the light beautifully. I have mentioned before that I tend to balance out colours with neutral coloured beads and pearls are my favourite type of beads to do this with. So I combined these beads with small pearls and added some thin blue cord to finish. Its very simple and was easy to make but gives a beautiful result. The best thing is all the beads and components cost me just over £5 from Bijoux Beads; much cheaper than from a jewellery shop and unique which is what I love about handmade jewellery. It looks wonderful worn with a fine white shirt with the necklace peeking out from underneath the collar.


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