Monday, 23 September 2013

Colette sewing pattern

A little shopping trip to Bath last Friday led to me finding a sewing pattern in my size, something which I have been trying to find for ages! In the main pattern books, like Simplicity, Burda Style and Vogue the patterns only go down to a US size 8 which is a UK size 10. After a lot of searching on the Internet I began to think that smaller pattern sizes didn't even exist, so I bought a pattern grading book but was disappointed to find out it only tells you how to grade patterns in the UK average size 10. At the moment I find it way too complicated to grade a pattern to my own measurements properly so I tried to make a simple shift dress pattern out of a skirt and top pattern I had, both in size 10. This went a bit wrong when I sewed the pieces up I had tried to grade down to a size 6, the top half ended up being too big and the bottom half too small! Having run out of old fabric to trial my pattern out on, I gave up for a while.
So when I popped into The Makery on Friday and saw several different multi sized patterns that go down to a US size 0 I was so excited and had to buy the pattern which includes three variations on a dress pattern and a top pattern. The pattern maker is Colette, they don't make a large amount of patterns but they do have some really beautiful ones. The only downside is the measurements for the amount of material needed are in only in imperial measurements because it is an American company but this can easily be converted. I'm just very pleased that I won't have to deal with any more frustratingly too big patterns.


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