Monday, 2 September 2013

Cross stitch rose keyring

Issue 264 of Cross Stitcher magazine had an amazing free gift which was a wooden key ring cross stitch kit. I started to make it ages ago but found out there was not enough of the blue thread to finish it off. After buying the thread in the shade of Anchor embroidery thread that it said in the magazine I found out the two were a long way off a perfect match so I was a bit frustrated with the project and put it away in a box.
I get quite a lot of free gifts as I read Mollie Makes each month as well and I don't always have time to make them all or want to make them immediately so I put them all in a box. Recently I was looking through this box in need of something to make and saw this unfinished key ring again. I thought it was a shame I had never been able to finish it so I decided to unpick all the blue thread and replace it with the thread I had bought. Stitching onto the wood is actually a lot easier than fabric and I'm now so pleased I have finally finished it off. Sometimes you need to come back to a project after a while to have renewed enthusiasm for it!


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