Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Fabric covered postcard book

I have a lot of postcards which I have collected from various places I have been; art galleries, holidays, if there are postcards there I will buy them. I wrote a while ago about a postcard display board I had made for my room to put some postcards of artwork up. The trouble is I've run out of room on my walls for any more postcards so I was looking around for a photo album to put them in. But the albums either had too small pockets or were adhesive ones, I didn't want to stick the postcards down permanently because quite a lot of them have writing on the back about the picture on the front.
After much searching I decided to cover an A4 plain sketchbook with fabric and attach the postcards in the book with photo corners. The fabric I used is a lovely printed linen which I bought from a vintage fair. In the centre of the cover I created a heart out of buttons in colours to compliment the fabric, I also stuck on some vintage lace at the edge of the book to finish it off. As of yet there is only plain white paper on the inside covers because I have not found any paper that will match the cover. But I have put my collection of postcards in already, you can see some of them in the photos below. They are now safe from fading in the light and I can remove them and swap them around as I like.

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