Sunday, 8 September 2013

Vintage jumble sale

I will never become bored of vintage fairs. I would never have expected that I would buy pieces of a dismantled chandelier at this weekend's vintage jumble sale, but I did. That is what I love so much about buying vintage, you never know what you will find and there are certainly some brilliant things out there. Yesterday there was the vintage jumble sale on at Rangeworthy that I have visited several times before. I've mentioned before that the words 'jumble sale' never really enthuse me but this one sure is good. I'm lucky its so near to where I live, it is definitely worth a journey if you live a bit further away.
This weekend's buys included an absolutely beautiful brooch with purple and white stones set into gold in the shape of a bunch of flowers. I was surprised to find it in such good condition with none of the stones missing so I snapped it up immediately. It will look wonderful on the lapel of a coat. A quite common thing to find at a vintage fair are packs of fabric, paper, ribbons and buttons and I love to buy these. Sometimes there are hidden delights between layers of fabric. I bought a little pack that includes an old postcard and some beautiful floral paper among other items. From vintage fairs I also love to buy small bobbins of thread, this time a stall was selling small crochet threads in three colours and white sewing threads, I bought one of each.
In Mollie Makes, in the home tour article each month people often have coloured knitting needles displayed in a jar for use and decoration. I've only ever seen the grey ones for sale in the shops but yesterday I saw a huge bunch of coloured knitting needles at the vintage jumble sale and was delighted when I looked at the price tag and saw written on it '£1.50 for the lot!'. I was even more delighted when the stall owner offered me them for a £1.
For university I have been asked to collect items to dye, the instructions were pretty much bring anything along, so I bought two doilies and a crocheted place mat for this purpose. The rule I stick by at a vintage fair is if I like it, buy it because if you leave it five minutes someone else will. My sister spotted the mini white wire birdcage for me and I bought it immediately. For 50p it would have been a mistake not to.
Now, just to clarify, I'm not a nerdy stamp collector but I do have a bit of a stamp collection going on. I love all the different designs and they are even better when they have part of the post mark on them. I'm keeping them all together because I know they'll be useful for a future project. Another item I bought which I don't have an immediate use for yet are the chandelier pieces I mentioned. One stall had a large plate full of them, they came attached together with metal pieces in small groups. I would have liked to have bought them all but I did get a good amount. I have taken all the metal pieces off and I'll save the beautiful glass pieces until an idea springs into my head.

The chandelier pieces still attached together with the pieces of metal.

A whole load of coloured knitting needles, out of all of them there are 18 matching pairs, the rest I will just use for decoration.

The crochet threads in the three colours and the white sewing thread, as beautiful as they are useful.

The flower brooch.

The two doilies and crochet place mat for dyeing.

The chandelier pieces with the metal removed, some have two holes at either side and some have just one.

The tiny wire birdcage and stamps, some of them have been cut into hearts.

The bundle of fabric, paper, buttons and ribbon.

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