Thursday, 31 October 2013

Crocheted bobble phone cover

A new phone a while ago meant I needed to make a new phone cover because a scratched screen is the worst. I've been wanting to try out a crochet bobble stitch for a while and this was the perfect opportunity. I used a gorgeous grey coloured yarn which I think is beggining to become a new favourite colour of mine. For the bobbles I used a very soft white yarn. The stitch was quite simple but working out the placement of the bobbles was the tricky bit! I got there in the end and I have also lined the case just to be on the safe side. Now my phone can go in my bag with everything else and I have no worries.


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Vintage map and book pages bunting

As you can probably see from this picture I'm a bit of a fan of bunting. I was making a birthday card a while ago with paper bunting made from a vintage map and old book pages. I cut way too many diamond shapes to make up the individual flags so I decided to use the leftover bunting to decorate a shelf in my room. The ends of the bunting are secured to the shelf with some Cath Kidston washi tape for a little finishing touch. The shelves above and below the bunting are crammed with vintage items, colour and a lot of pattern, the bunting matches in perfectly with this more is more look!


Friday, 25 October 2013

Fashion Friday: Tatty Devine x Rob Ryan

Tatty Devine and Rob Ryan. Pretty good by themselves right? But put them together and the results are even better. I've long been a fan of Rob Ryan so when a Tatty Devine email dropped into my inbox about a Rob Ryan collaboration I knew I was going to love it. Although it probably was a mistake to open the email because the price tags are understandably a bit expensive and now I want so much of the collection! Rob Ryan's style works really well on jewellery, the pieces are so delicate and fit the romanticism of Rob Ryan's paper cuts beautifully. In silver, gold and rose gold these are truly pieces to covet. See the whole collection here.


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Crochet doily and flower

I do love a good doily and a good bit of crochet come to that so the crochet doily project in the Mollie Makes Crochet book is my perfect project. The doily has beautiful details and although it looks like it was tricky to make it was actually quite simple. I've switched my usual cream for soft grey as my neutral colour, I think it works particularly well with the two pink colours. The yarn (which is lovely and a very good price), in case you're interested is Lanas Stop Baby Wool from my favourite yarn shop, Wool Bath. The doily looks wonderful alongside my vintage teacups.
When I first got the Mollie Makes Crochet book, the crochet flower kit in the inside cover was such a nice surprise. I had no idea that the book came with a kit, I hope they put kits with their future books too! It is such a lovely kit as well, it came with a wooden crochet hook and the yarn is just beautiful, its such good quality. I finally got round to making the flower a few evenings ago, it didn't take me long but its so beautiful, I'm sure it is a pattern I will use many times.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Fashion Friday: The collections up close

If you're a regular reader of Handmade by Hannah you will have seen the posts I wrote about each recent fashion week. I love to look at as many collections as I can to get a feel for each collection but it is also worth taking a closer look to find out which techniques and embellishments have been used. The Vogue archive of all the collections is perfect for doing this because most of the collection galleries feature close up photos and you can zoom in on any part of a garment. Some of the techniques are truly stunning and such an inspiration for my own projects. I've chosen a selection of my favourite techniques from some of the collections I featured in the fashion week posts. There are so many amazing details it was so hard to choose and there are so many more techniques that I haven't featured, so do head over to the Vogue archive if you are interested in seeing more.
Tiny bows all over a white jumper and paint-swatch-like layered pieces of fabric at Chanel.
Gentle diagonal pleats and clever inserts of gorgeous patterned fabric at Dior.

Ruffles galore and lace layered over a beautiful floral print at Nina Ricci.
Stunning fabric manipulation in the form of pleats, ruffles and gathers at Bottega Veneta.
Patterns were created with a pile fabric on top of sheer fabric and cutwork at Fendi.
3D flowers, more cutwork, lace and bold beading at Burberry Prorsum.
Absolutely incredible embroidery at Erdem.
Graphic prints combine with beaded rosettes and oversized ruffles at Mary Katrantzou.
Sequinned, appliqued and embroidered leaves at Marc Jacobs.
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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Pearl necklace

I've always had a thing for pearls, I use them in so much of my jewellery. I prefer to use freshwater pearls because of their imperfections, I like the fact that they are not a perfect shape and that each one slightly varies in size. I've always wanted a pearl necklace, just one single strand of pearls, so I finally decided to buy the pearls to make it. I'd always been put off by the price before but I actually found that if you're buying small freshwater pearls they are not too expensive. But the cost can add up if you're buying a lot. I just love the simplicity of it, you can't go wrong with a lovely string of pearls.


Saturday, 12 October 2013

Vintage Fair and The Knitting and Stitching Show

Last Saturday there was another vintage fair in Chipping Sodbury, it probably seems like I go to them every weekend, it does feel like I'm writing about my buys all the time. But I do love them so much so I go to everyone I can! While we were there we also visited the smaller vintage fair and a gift/home shop called Out of the Blue.

I bought a variety of different things again which is what I love most about vintage shopping. There was a stall in the main fair this time that hasn't been there before and I absolutely loved nearly everything on it. I wanted to buy so many things but in the end I settled on this pretty vintage teacup because although I do have trouble finding space for them all, you can never have too much vintage china. Plus its only a small one! I really like small glass bottles and this time there were several, I chose one with a cork stopper.
You can't go wrong with some good vintage fabric, this light floral print caught my eye. Another thing that got my attention were some strands of brightly coloured mother of pearl, it was only a pound for a strand and I love the colours in it. I do love buttons and beads and I can't ever resist buying them so I got a jar full of cream buttons and beads. There seems to be a lot of coloured knitting needles and crochet hooks around at the moment so I bought two coloured crochet hooks to go alongside the knitting needles I bought at the last vintage jumble sale. The mini pink ric-rac was too good resist for about £2 for the whole card.
I bought a vintage French fashion magazine from December 1956 to cut up and use in future projects and on one stall they were selling lots of vintage lace samples which I thought were so interesting. I bought one without knowing what I could do with it at the time. I now think I'll frame it so its always on display. The same stall had large trays of jewellery making pieces and other small items, I found a cute floral cabochon and a Scottie dog stud.
The clock came from the gift shop, its just a small one which stands up rather than being hung on the wall. I haven't had a clock in my room for years because the noise of the ticks keeps me awake at night but this clock is so pretty I just took a chance. It actually has a really quiet tick which I barely notice. In the smaller vintage fair I bought a large china flower which I think has been cut off one of those old china ornaments that are meant to look like roses in a vase. I also bought a small rolling pin from the other fair which seems like a really strange thing to buy but I saw an idea in last month's Mollie Makes to create a roller stamp with a rolling pin.
They were giving away goody bags to the first 100 people through the door again and we managed to get there early enough to get one, there was just one magazine in there this time and some pretty pearl headed pins.

Now yesterday I promised I'd tell you what I'd been up to this week and the answer is at The Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace. I went as part of my university course on a two day trip to London in which we also visited the V&A. I was so excited to go to the show because I have never been before but have always wanted to go. From the moment I walked in the door I loved it! It is absolute craft heaven! Not only were there so many stalls selling craft materials of all kinds there was also a degree show and other people's work on display which was so interesting to look at. Of course I came away with some buys, I think you would have to be seriously worried if I hadn't!
I've been eyeing up a Liberty print notebook in Waterstones for some time now, its not expensive at £8 but I have resisted buying it because I'm not sure if I really need it. There was a stall selling Liberty and Cath Kidston stationary at the show and that same notebook was on the stall for just over £3 so I could resist it no longer. I was so glad I did buy it because I got some free Cath Kidston washi tape with my purchase. I'm in love with perle embroidery cotton but I don't have that much because it's always quite expensive in the shops, so I jumped at the chance to get 5 for £5 and chose colours to embroider flowers with. I like to use the cotton for intricate crochet as well as embroidery.
Another good bargain was a felting needle holder which can hold up to four needles. I've wanted one for a while but have never bought one because, again, I find them so expensive everywhere. This wooden one is perfect and I also bought two felting needles because I have broken a few lately. The flower sequins were one of those buys that you have no idea what you will use them for but have to get them because you might never have a chance to buy them anywhere else. They are so beautiful and unusual, I know they'll be perfect for something one day.


Friday, 11 October 2013

Fashion Friday: The statement jumper

I do love a good jumper. They are an absolute winter wardrobe staple but this year they've been given a mix up. I'm all for a plain and simple cashmere jumper but sometimes its nice to have a bit of embellishment and pattern. From embroidered to printed, floral print or slogan; there's a jumper for every taste and style. Here's a pick of a few beautiful (affordable) statement jumpers. Buy one or DIY it, whatever you do it'll liven up your wardrobe and prove its worth at jazzing up your jeans. Your jumper will never feel boring again.

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P.S. Come back tomorrow to find out what I've been up to this week.