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Fashion Friday: Paris Fashion Week

First of all I want you to know that I am aware its not Friday, but if we could just rewind a day and forget it's actually Saturday we can do this properly. I've been very busy this past week what with starting uni, I'm still getting used to the 9 to 5 days so I didn't get time to write this whopper of a post yesterday night. Its takes a lot of energy to trawl through all those fashion shows. 

But I had promised, so here is the round up of Paris Fashion Week, better late than never as they say. The finale of the fashion weeks has finished marking the end of all the S/S 14 collection showings and I don't know about you but it all seems rather a lot to take in at the moment, I can barely even remember what went on at NYFW. But do remember if you want to see more collections head over to Vogue, for now here's my take on Paris fashion week.

I always love a Miu Miu collection and this one has lived up to my expectations once again. The label always seems to have a sixites vibe which, if you're going to pick a decade, is one of the best for fashion. I love the simplicity of the collection, nothing is too busy and the large blocks of striking colour work perfectly with the gorgeous styles on display. As you know I can't resist a good coat and let me tell you, there are some more than good coats in this collection. 

I love vintage Vionnet and although no one could ever live up to Madeleine Vionnet's creations the modern day versions are pretty good. The focus is on the fabric, as it should be if you are trying to continue in Vionnet's footsteps. The fabric mainly works with the body alhtough some pieces make a stronger silhouette at the hips and shoulders. Some may say this is not in keeping with the design house's history but sometimes a slight reinvention is needed, after all a label cannot present the same style of garments every collection.

The Louis Vuitton show caused quite a buzz as it was announced that S/S 14 would be Marc Jacobs' last collection for the label. Sometimes I love Louis Vuitton collections, sometimes I just don't. This collection unfortunately falls into the latter category. There are some beautiful techniques in the collection, the applique onto sheer fabric being one of them, but I just can't see past all the black and oversized feather headdresses. It is a collection with a very dramatic punk look which isn't really my thing. One thing I will say though, Marc Jacobs certainly didn't leave quietly.

Valentino is always the most romantic of all the collections. This season the romanticism is in the form of delicate ethnic prints in rich earthy colours, demure necklines and floor length flowing skirts. Nothing is too bold and in your face, instead the details are subtle and the silhouettes soft creating a truly beautiful collection.

A collection of colour combined with the trademark tweed and pearls, it could only be Chanel. I say a collection of colour but there is a bit of monochrome because, well. it wouldn't be right without it and it wouldn't be Chanel without it. Mr Lagerfeld manages to offend a lot of people with his opinions but his collections are anything but, he is an absolute master of design. I first saw the colourful garments which appeared at the end of the show on the Vogue homepage and was immediately drawn to them, they are complete colour galore, a wearable paint colour chart if you like.

The collection for the laid back lady, the clothes for the women who doesn't want to cause a stir with her attire, its the Chloe S/S 14 collection. There's a large use of soft flowing fabrics this season and this does not stop when it comes to Chloe. Totally wearable styles, breezy layers of fabric, subdued prints: its an easy summer collection, perfect.

Abstract is the word that first springs to mind when you see the Celine S/S 14 collection. The prints are large, the coats are large, even the eyebrows are large (seriously you could see them from a mile off)  the Celine collection is the epitome of dramatic. Oh and apparently the sleeves of your chunky jumper should be too long...

Dior designs have to be sophisticated because Dior always has and always will cater for the sophisticated lady (just look and the front row and what they wore if you need proof of that). The Christian Dior S/S 14 collection is just that. So in what form does this sophistication appear? Well, its in the detail of course. Fine knits and narrow pleats, sublime prints and sumptuous fabrics all in grown up but not granny-ish cuts.

Never have I seen a collection with as much white as this season's Nina Ricci collection. But that's not an issue, white is a good colour especially for garments which have a lot of detail. And there is a lot of detail in these pieces, delicate lace (a lot of it) chiffon frills, ruching, pleating, layering; these details generally all appear on the same garment.  But as white is such a clean and pristine colour the garments do not seem over embellished, its the perfect solution which creates a truly stunning collection.

A striking and dramatic collection in monochrome, even the set was dramatic at the Balenciaga show. The prints are graphic and the embellishment is kept to a minimum, once again the focus is on the actual shape and style of the garments. The fabric hasn't been forgotten either, jackets and skirts are made out of plaits stitched together to create wonderfully textured pieces.

Opulence in pastel hues, Rochas S/S 13 is a delicate summer collection sprinkled with glitter and gems all over almost everything. Faded florals and ruffled fabric add to the highly feminine look of the collection. This is a collection in which everything shines and even the humble jumper is given a glittering update. Although the collection is slightly ruined by the feathered shoes, they just resemble cleaning mops too much.

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