Saturday, 12 October 2013

Vintage Fair and The Knitting and Stitching Show

Last Saturday there was another vintage fair in Chipping Sodbury, it probably seems like I go to them every weekend, it does feel like I'm writing about my buys all the time. But I do love them so much so I go to everyone I can! While we were there we also visited the smaller vintage fair and a gift/home shop called Out of the Blue.

I bought a variety of different things again which is what I love most about vintage shopping. There was a stall in the main fair this time that hasn't been there before and I absolutely loved nearly everything on it. I wanted to buy so many things but in the end I settled on this pretty vintage teacup because although I do have trouble finding space for them all, you can never have too much vintage china. Plus its only a small one! I really like small glass bottles and this time there were several, I chose one with a cork stopper.
You can't go wrong with some good vintage fabric, this light floral print caught my eye. Another thing that got my attention were some strands of brightly coloured mother of pearl, it was only a pound for a strand and I love the colours in it. I do love buttons and beads and I can't ever resist buying them so I got a jar full of cream buttons and beads. There seems to be a lot of coloured knitting needles and crochet hooks around at the moment so I bought two coloured crochet hooks to go alongside the knitting needles I bought at the last vintage jumble sale. The mini pink ric-rac was too good resist for about £2 for the whole card.
I bought a vintage French fashion magazine from December 1956 to cut up and use in future projects and on one stall they were selling lots of vintage lace samples which I thought were so interesting. I bought one without knowing what I could do with it at the time. I now think I'll frame it so its always on display. The same stall had large trays of jewellery making pieces and other small items, I found a cute floral cabochon and a Scottie dog stud.
The clock came from the gift shop, its just a small one which stands up rather than being hung on the wall. I haven't had a clock in my room for years because the noise of the ticks keeps me awake at night but this clock is so pretty I just took a chance. It actually has a really quiet tick which I barely notice. In the smaller vintage fair I bought a large china flower which I think has been cut off one of those old china ornaments that are meant to look like roses in a vase. I also bought a small rolling pin from the other fair which seems like a really strange thing to buy but I saw an idea in last month's Mollie Makes to create a roller stamp with a rolling pin.
They were giving away goody bags to the first 100 people through the door again and we managed to get there early enough to get one, there was just one magazine in there this time and some pretty pearl headed pins.

Now yesterday I promised I'd tell you what I'd been up to this week and the answer is at The Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace. I went as part of my university course on a two day trip to London in which we also visited the V&A. I was so excited to go to the show because I have never been before but have always wanted to go. From the moment I walked in the door I loved it! It is absolute craft heaven! Not only were there so many stalls selling craft materials of all kinds there was also a degree show and other people's work on display which was so interesting to look at. Of course I came away with some buys, I think you would have to be seriously worried if I hadn't!
I've been eyeing up a Liberty print notebook in Waterstones for some time now, its not expensive at £8 but I have resisted buying it because I'm not sure if I really need it. There was a stall selling Liberty and Cath Kidston stationary at the show and that same notebook was on the stall for just over £3 so I could resist it no longer. I was so glad I did buy it because I got some free Cath Kidston washi tape with my purchase. I'm in love with perle embroidery cotton but I don't have that much because it's always quite expensive in the shops, so I jumped at the chance to get 5 for £5 and chose colours to embroider flowers with. I like to use the cotton for intricate crochet as well as embroidery.
Another good bargain was a felting needle holder which can hold up to four needles. I've wanted one for a while but have never bought one because, again, I find them so expensive everywhere. This wooden one is perfect and I also bought two felting needles because I have broken a few lately. The flower sequins were one of those buys that you have no idea what you will use them for but have to get them because you might never have a chance to buy them anywhere else. They are so beautiful and unusual, I know they'll be perfect for something one day.


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