Friday, 1 November 2013

Fashion Friday: Not your normal ring finger

Take a style tip from Gatsby now and choose to wear your rings on your little finger. You can style this how you want, stick to one large ring on one hand like Gatsby or stack them up and wear on both hands. I like wearing several more delicate rings on one finger, and a more chunky ring on the other hand. Now if you're wondering how I got small enough rings the secret is to get midi rings. Buy a midi ring in small and it will fit perfectly, but I'd get in quick before midi rings are no longer in fashion and not easy to get anymore.The best place to get your rings from is Topshop, they have a large selection of midi rings, all the rings I'm wearing in the photos below are from Topshop. My collection is slowly growing, I don't think I'll be wearing rings on any other fingers for a while...


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