Friday, 8 November 2013

Fashion Friday: Taking it back to the 60s

After having a lecture the other day about pretty much everything that happened, fashion and textiles related, in the 60s, I've been reminded of my love for the era. It also reminded me of some beautiful dresses I saw recently in Urban Outfitters which reminded me a lot of 60s fashion. They come from the label called Cooperative which is sold in Urban O, not everything has that sixties feel but a lot of it does. The label has that school girl style that was so prolific back then. The clothes are just beautiful, geometric patterns and crisp white collars, textured fabrics and that perfect coat I've been looking for. Plus there's a lot of tartan, I love a good bit of tartan. Thankyou Urban O and Cooperative, you have answered my prayers for that coat, the knit dress and the jumper I've been dreaming of (the wardrobe essentials right?), maybe not the prayers of my bank balance though.

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