Monday, 2 December 2013

Embroidery progress

It was a crazy, crazy week last week and the next two weeks until I break up for Christmas are going to be crazy too! I'm doing about 10 things at once at the moment! But I still love it, the next two weeks are focused on a project developing print and embroidery. Lots of foxes and letters; all will become clear because I have devised a plan to keep my blog going for the last two weeks at uni. I don't get much time to write more detailed posts but I'll post a picture now and then of the day's work with a little description when there's something to show! Also Wednesday is trip-to-the-Bath-Christmas-market-day; after a hard morning's work at uni of course! So for now here's the progress with the embroidered picture I've been working on, its almost there now, only the sky to finish!



  1. Wow. Thats amazing youve done a great job

    1. Thank you, I certainly have been working on it for a long time! You might be interested in this post which I wrote a while ago, it explains a bit more about the piece -