Sunday, 15 December 2013

Print and embroidery samples

Hand in day was Friday, uni has finished for Christmas here's a few of the prints and embroidery samples you haven't seen. Unfortunately there's no handmade presents this year, I didn't realise just how busy uni would be, next year, although it seems mad to say it, I'll be prepared and make them in the summer holiday!

I'm hoping to finish a dress I've been making this Christmas, next up is the zip. The worst thing when making clothes is putting in zips. They can really make or break a garment and my first attempt at a invisible zip a few weeks ago did not go well. I'm just about to try it again. I'll also try and make some more progress on my granny square blanket, and I have a few commissions from friends and family...busy, busy, busy! But, luckily, I like it that way. I hope you've been watching the programme about Liberty on tv at the moment, I want that print designers job! Also there's a sewing bee Christmas special on tonight. Its all there to inspire us!

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