Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Mug cosy and vintage postcard

You might remember a while ago at a vintage fair I bought two vintage postcards, I framed one of them a while ago in a floral frame, the other has been sat around for a long time because I haven't had anywhere to put it. I was having a tidy out on the weekend and found a plain white frame that I had painted cupcakes onto ages ago. The cakes were looking a little shabby so I dug out some soft grey coloured paint and gave the frame a few coats. The whole thing has a vintage theme because I backed the postcard with some paper I bought at another vintage fair.
Another project I've been working on is a mug cosy, I made one for my sister ages ago for her to take to uni. One of her new flatmates saw it recently and requested one in white and pale blue. I used a rib effect crochet stitch in which the rib effect is created by working into just the front and then just the back of the previous stitch alternately. I slip stitched in white around the edge of the whole rectangle to smooth off the edges as they were looking a bit wobbly because of the rib effect. For a few finishing touches I sewed on a 'handmade with love' label and a tiny crocheted flower.
In other making news, the dress is finished! I mentioned last week I was going to tackle a zip which I managed pretty well considering I normally hate putting zips in, but I've actually realised that invisible zips are a lot easier than a normal zip. I will now try to avoid the normal kind as much as possible! I had to do some major alterations yesterday as I wanted to wear it on Boxing Day and there were a few issues with the fit. All it needs is a quick scoot over with the iron and it'll be ready to go. Pictures will follow on Friday, all will be revealed...
So the Christmas outfit is planned, Boxing Day outfit made, presents wrapped and under the tree...roll on Christmas...have a lovely time! Merry Christmas!


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