Friday, 31 January 2014

Fashion Friday: Ad campaigns

I don't know about you but isn't there something quite captivating about fashion adverts? Anyone that buys almost any kind of fashion magazine will know many of them have a fair few adverts. Some people can't stand them but I have a kind of obsession with them. Its something to do with the photography, clothes and how each label has a recognisable ad style. A few of my favourite ad campaigns are the ones created by Dolce & Gabbana, Orla Kiely and Celine.
The Celine ads always have a slightly severe but beautiful look, Daria Werbowy has starred in many Celine ads for several consecutive seasons. Her striking details contribute to the appeal of the adverts. I absolutely love the decorative tiles used for the backdrop of the advert below, which contrast brilliantly with the simplicity of the garments. Dolce & Gabbana's ads always include that Italian heritage which makes the label so appealing. Wearing garments directly inspired by Italian history, the campaigns are photographed in Italian settings, often with the models surrounded by an 'Italian family'. Orla Kiely ad campaigns are kept simple but still appear luxurious. The clothes of course, are sumptuous but are offset with an uncomplicated background, the ads are the perfect mix of luxury and normality. The strange appeal of ad campaigns...


Top two: Dolce & Gabbana
Middle three: Orla Kiely
Bottom: Celine

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Feather collage

On the weekend I was working on a few collages for my current project at uni. Its a colour project so all the pieces of paper used in the collages I have painted to represent three sets of 15 words. This is my favourite out of the six collages I have made, each is a 6x6in square. I made the feathers slightly 3D by curling each one gently around a pencil. I think this would work well as a picture to hang on the wall, framed in a shadow box. When we have our weaving workshops, the designs created with the collages will be woven.


Saturday, 18 January 2014

Felt fox and raccoon

These felt animals appear in the Mollie Makes Woodland Friends book, they were another project I made in the Christmas Holiday. I was just going to make the fox, but then I couldn't resist making the raccoon as well. They were featured as keyrings in the book but I decided to leave this part off and they will join the collection of felt animals and other little things I've made. Now all I need is a lovely vintage printer's tray to display them all in.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Fashion Friday: Make your own part 2

So originally there wasn't going to be a part 2 for last week's Fashion Friday but I was browsing on this amazing website I found called Sew Box. They have some brilliant patterns, aside from the large collection of Colette patterns, there are many other patterns. My favourites being the Papercut patterns, they are so modern and just like anything you could buy in a shop. Of course my aim when I'm making something is not for it particularly to look like it was bought from a shop but I dislike the kitsch and dated kind of look many clothes patterns have. 

One of the best things about the website though, is the large collection of Liberty print fabrics. They are on sale for such a good price. I suspect this might be because they are past season prints but who cares? Its Liberty print and that's good enough for me! There's something else...most of the fabrics are listed with a matching coloured zip and thread - absolutely brilliant. 

At the moment I'm trying to save as much as I can for a trip to Paris I have in February because I want to take a second visit to La Droguerie, undoubtedly one of the best shops in the world. I'll need all the money I have because last time I definitely did not spend enough there. But once I come back and my bank balance is refreshed I'll definitely be putting in an order for a pattern and some lovely Liberty fabric.

Images from

Friday, 3 January 2014

Fashion Friday: Make your own

As I've said before, since making my floral shift dress I've really got into making clothes now. The most important thing when making clothes is to have a good pattern. The one I used for my dress came from Colette and proved itself to be a very good pattern. The shape of the dress is brilliant, fitted, but not so that you can't move. And the slight problem with the fit that I had to alter was more to do with me than the pattern, its incredibly unlikely that a commercial pattern will fit you perfectly.
The fit can be a major problem, as I've mentioned it is so hard to find a pattern in smaller sizes. I love Colette sewing patterns and most importantly, they fit. They don't sell loads of patterns but there are a few on the website which I'd like to have. For my next project I need an A-line skirt pattern and thankfully Colette have one. Some of them I would adapt, for example on the blue dress I'd leave off the sleeves and for the skirt I'd shorten it a bit. But that's the beauty of making your own clothes, they can be how you want. I particularly like the dress at the bottom, after the skirt that may have to be the next pattern purchase.

I mentioned that I'd ordered some Liberty fabric in the sale, I was so excited about getting it but on Monday I had an email saying it was out of stock. I ordered it on Boxing Day morning so there must have been a mad rush for fabric and obviously the website hadn't caught up with the stock levels. Very disappointing to say the least, so I had to compensate for it by getting some fabric in John Lewis. I chose this boucle fabric which will be made into the A-line skirt, it features several colours which all work beautifully together. Just my kind of fabric..

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Teaspoon Lady

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2014 is good to you. The first post of 2014 is here! 2013 has certainly been a busy year; applying to uni, sitting exams, that extra long summer holiday, A level results, getting into university and finishing the first term of uni. What a year! Not to mention all the things I've made. But the most exciting thing, I started writing Handmade By Hannah on the 2nd of January 2012 and 318 posts later, its now 2 years old. Crazy, where did the time go?
I mentioned my Boxing Day project in the last post and now here's the Christmas Day project. Yes I really never stop making stuff! This is another Tilda project, this time its a teaspoon lady which appeared in the last issue of Stitch Craft Create magazine. It is designed to sit in a teacup, I currently don't have a teacup the right size for her, I'm waiting for the next vintage fair to get one. My teaspoon lady has a vintage fabric dress and a tiny crochet flower with a Swarovski crystal centre in her hair. I made a tiny teaspoon out of wire for the teaspoon lady to hold in her hand.