Friday, 10 January 2014

Fashion Friday: Make your own part 2

So originally there wasn't going to be a part 2 for last week's Fashion Friday but I was browsing on this amazing website I found called Sew Box. They have some brilliant patterns, aside from the large collection of Colette patterns, there are many other patterns. My favourites being the Papercut patterns, they are so modern and just like anything you could buy in a shop. Of course my aim when I'm making something is not for it particularly to look like it was bought from a shop but I dislike the kitsch and dated kind of look many clothes patterns have. 

One of the best things about the website though, is the large collection of Liberty print fabrics. They are on sale for such a good price. I suspect this might be because they are past season prints but who cares? Its Liberty print and that's good enough for me! There's something else...most of the fabrics are listed with a matching coloured zip and thread - absolutely brilliant. 

At the moment I'm trying to save as much as I can for a trip to Paris I have in February because I want to take a second visit to La Droguerie, undoubtedly one of the best shops in the world. I'll need all the money I have because last time I definitely did not spend enough there. But once I come back and my bank balance is refreshed I'll definitely be putting in an order for a pattern and some lovely Liberty fabric.

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