Friday, 3 January 2014

Fashion Friday: Make your own

As I've said before, since making my floral shift dress I've really got into making clothes now. The most important thing when making clothes is to have a good pattern. The one I used for my dress came from Colette and proved itself to be a very good pattern. The shape of the dress is brilliant, fitted, but not so that you can't move. And the slight problem with the fit that I had to alter was more to do with me than the pattern, its incredibly unlikely that a commercial pattern will fit you perfectly.
The fit can be a major problem, as I've mentioned it is so hard to find a pattern in smaller sizes. I love Colette sewing patterns and most importantly, they fit. They don't sell loads of patterns but there are a few on the website which I'd like to have. For my next project I need an A-line skirt pattern and thankfully Colette have one. Some of them I would adapt, for example on the blue dress I'd leave off the sleeves and for the skirt I'd shorten it a bit. But that's the beauty of making your own clothes, they can be how you want. I particularly like the dress at the bottom, after the skirt that may have to be the next pattern purchase.

I mentioned that I'd ordered some Liberty fabric in the sale, I was so excited about getting it but on Monday I had an email saying it was out of stock. I ordered it on Boxing Day morning so there must have been a mad rush for fabric and obviously the website hadn't caught up with the stock levels. Very disappointing to say the least, so I had to compensate for it by getting some fabric in John Lewis. I chose this boucle fabric which will be made into the A-line skirt, it features several colours which all work beautifully together. Just my kind of fabric..

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