Thursday, 2 January 2014

Teaspoon Lady

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2014 is good to you. The first post of 2014 is here! 2013 has certainly been a busy year; applying to uni, sitting exams, that extra long summer holiday, A level results, getting into university and finishing the first term of uni. What a year! Not to mention all the things I've made. But the most exciting thing, I started writing Handmade By Hannah on the 2nd of January 2012 and 318 posts later, its now 2 years old. Crazy, where did the time go?
I mentioned my Boxing Day project in the last post and now here's the Christmas Day project. Yes I really never stop making stuff! This is another Tilda project, this time its a teaspoon lady which appeared in the last issue of Stitch Craft Create magazine. It is designed to sit in a teacup, I currently don't have a teacup the right size for her, I'm waiting for the next vintage fair to get one. My teaspoon lady has a vintage fabric dress and a tiny crochet flower with a Swarovski crystal centre in her hair. I made a tiny teaspoon out of wire for the teaspoon lady to hold in her hand.



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