Saturday, 8 March 2014

Dark floral skirt

At the moment I am in love with the abundance of different floral prints set against a dark blue or black background that seem to be everywhere. Of course, I would always have said that a floral print is my favourite kind of print, but for quite a while dark floral prints have been irresistible. So how could I resist a gorgeous painterly floral print with zingy yellow and pink on a deep blue background, especially when it was £5 a metre in the new year John Lewis clearance sale. The fabric is an incredibly fine, fairly loosely woven cotton and I was just as much attracted to the way it draped beautifully as I was the print. It immediately called out to be made into a skirt; a gathered one to accentuate the drape.
I have found lightweight muslin to be the best fabric to line garments with, it is so breathable and hardly adds any extra weight to the finished garment. A lining was essential for this skirt because the fineness of the fabric means it is slightly see through and I thought the lining would stabilise the fabric as it is very delicate. I had made a few gathered skirts from the same pattern years ago so I was quite familiar with the process. In my opinion its one of the easiest garments to make as adjusting the fit is so simple and the techniques are pretty straightforward.
The pattern features a straight waistband which is quite deep, I'd say its at least 5cm. I think that a thinner waistband is much more elegant, so I adjusted this just by taking a few centimetres off the depth. I also find that, with interfacing, a thicker waistband can stand away from the waist towards the top slightly which is something I wanted to avoid. The skirt has a short invisible zip at the side and is finished off with a 'Handmade by me' label.


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