Saturday, 12 April 2014

Constructed textiles

At uni recently I have been doing a constructed textiles project involving knit and weave techniques. As I've been a bit absent from my blog lately, I thought I'd show you what I have up to for the past few weeks. Its been a lot of knitting, hand and machine, weaving, crochet and macramé. For the last two weeks of term we had the chance to make an interiors product using one of these techniques, I chose to cover a lampshade in knitting and crochet. Some images of my work are below, the top two show hand knit samples, the next four, weaves, then two crochet samples and a macramé sample. I became quite interested in natural textures and forms throughout this project, focusing on more unusual things such as leaf skeletons, fungus and lichen as you can see from two of the pages of my sketchbook below.


A knit and crochet covered lampshade. The base is covered in strips of crochet and the shade is covered by one large piece of knitting decorated with crochet swirls.

My desk as of yesterday, ready to be marked.

I bought myself the Great British Sewing Bee book yesterday, to keep me busy over the Easter holidays. There's already loads of things I want to make out of it. But I will start with a pencil skirt made from some fabric I bought just after Christmas.

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