Monday, 9 June 2014

Machine embroidery

A few weeks ago I bought an embroidery machine, so since it arrived I have been trying out a few things with it. The top four samples are some of the designs saved onto the machine which I started off with. There is also digitizing software which allows you to convert drawings which you have scanned into the computer into stitches. This can be altered to create certain effects and use different stitches. Then a memory stick is plugged into the machine and the design  is stitched. The last two samples in the photos are stitched from my own drawings. One of the best things about the machine is that it does pretty much everything for you and you can be sewing next to it on your standard machine, so you get double the sewing done in the same amount of time.
I meant to post this ages ago but forgot about it and its been sat in my drafts folder for ages. Since I wrote this I've used the machine a little bit more particularly for embroidering my own designs and I'm just starting to get the hang of using the software.

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