Thursday, 26 June 2014

Seed stitch scarf progress

A considerable amount of my seed stich scarf (pattern on Purl Bee) has been knitted since I last photographed it. I can't remember what colour I was on the last time I posted it here, maybe the purple or the dark grey? I've come to a bit of a standstill with it at the moment because I have run out of the blue that I am currently knitting with and I need to go back to the wool shop in Bath to get some more.
But as I'm going on holiday tomorrow I needed a knitting project to take with me to keep me busy. So I am starting a new scarf, I know, I have so many scarves already but they are just the best thing to knit. This scarf has pointed ends, which will come in handy for practicing my increasing and decreasing skills. I haven't done this in ages because I had a lot of time away from knitting. I recently got a beautiful clothes knitting patterns book so I feel like I need some practice before I start anything in that. Anyway, all will be revealed after my holiday when I also have a handmade skirt and top to show you.

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