Friday, 18 July 2014

Fashion Friday: Sunglasses

Now that we are right in the middle of summer it seems that the most used accessory is sunglasses. Nowadays there are so many different styles that you can really find something to suit you, whether that be a certain shape or a particular colour.
Sometimes it can be hard to find a style that you really love, it took me years and several pairs of sunglasses. So if you are stuck about which styles suit you the best thing to do is to go into a shop and try on as many different styles as possible. Also take someone with you because its always handy to get a second opinion. It also helps to avoid sunglasses which are the same shape as your face,
as this can look unflattering.
My personal favourite are sunglasses with round frames and I also love cat eye sunglasses but they look a bit strange on me. Still, I admire them on other people and aviator style sunglasses look really brilliant on people that suit them. A while ago I decorated a black pair of sunglasses with ceramic flowers, which are in the top of the photo below, its a brilliant way to add more interest to plain sunglasses.


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Vintage jumble sale

There was another vintage jumble sale on Saturday, so here are my purchases. Yet again I bought quite a bit of china, which I am running out of room for, but its so hard to resist. One day I will have a lovely big dresser to display it all in. Another thing I can't resist is a vintage brooch and I found one in the shape of a bouquet of flowers with purple gemstones. I see lots of vintage brooches at the fairs I go to but many of them are missing gemstones and are slightly tarnished that's why if I see one in such good condition I can't help but buy it. I've begun to start a little collection of them now. I also bought some mother of pearl buttons and two pieces of the same fabric (so that I have enough to use as inserts in a garment).
I've been watching This Old Thing that's been on the TV at the moment, which is a programme about vintage clothing. Its quite entertaining because most of the people they have on it are so against being dressed in vintage clothing. I have never bought any vintage clothing before but seeing how beautiful the clothes are in the shops they go into has made me want to start. It seems like most of the best vintage shops are in London which is a shame for me because its not exactly close to where I live. I think there are a few in Bristol though and I always walk past one in Bath but I've never gone in. That's mainly because I saw they had a dress by Sonia Rykiel in the window once and considering that it is in Bath too; I concluded that the prices are probably quite high.
The fairs I go to are not really the place for vintage clothes, they have a few sometimes but nothing has ever caught my eye enough to make me have a closer look. Also online vintage shopping doesn't really attract me, I can just imagine opening up my parcel to find a massive stain down the garment. Plus I've heard a lot of clothes sold as vintage online aren't the real deal. For now maybe I'll have to take a peek in that shop in Bath just out of curiosity.
Just before I posted this I googled the shop I was talking about in Bath, its called The Black and White Shop. The first thing I clicked on was this blog post which has information about a couple of vintage shops in Bath that look amazing, so when I'm back at uni I must steal one of my free Wednesday afternoons to take a look.


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Isle of Wight

I promised to post some pictures of my holiday in the Isle of Wight last week so here they are. We had gorgeous weather which made my photos look pretty good, it would have been a whole different story if it had been rain and gloom.
We visited Osborne House which used to be owned by Queen Victoria, its pictured in the first two photos. Its so large that it was quite a challenge to fit the whole house in the photograph. The interior decoration inside is just incredible, unfortunately you were not allowed to photograph the interior. What I really loved the most about this place though, was the Swiss cottage where the royal children used to play and the small museum nearby. The museum contained some of the family's collection of objects, there was everything from taxidermy to gemstone collections. When I was little I used to collect gemstones and I now have quite a few which I now feel I should get back out and display properly.
We also saw the needles and went on a few walks which meant we saw some spectacular views. On one of the last days we visited a garden which was just so beautiful, the pictures of flowers at the bottom of this post are of this garden. I probably took way too many pictures of flowers there but I just couldn't resist. That is just a few snapshots of the holiday and really the best thing about the island is that you don't have to travel too far because the island in itself is quite small. 



Monday, 7 July 2014

Stumpwork strawberry plant

For my birthday I was given a book called Stumpwork Flowers by Sachiko Morimoto. It is really a brilliant book, there are several flowers with instructions on how to embroider them and also examples of projects you can use the flowers in. The instructions are very clear as  is the photography of the embroidery. Also, all the techniques needed are explained which is especially useful to me as I had never done any stumpwork before. I chose this strawberry plant motif out of the book to embroider. I really love the 3D elements of the embroidery and I now want to make up all of the flowers out of the book, which I am determined that I will do one day. First though I have a summer project for uni and I will be incorporating some stumpwork techniques into my work.
I'll put up a few pictures from my holiday later this week. We spent a week in the Isle of Wight and the weather was absolutely perfect, so I have a lot of sunny pictures and so many of flowers. I'm into the habit now of taking a picture of anything interesting at all because I'm always thinking about things I could use in a future project.