Saturday, 12 July 2014

Isle of Wight

I promised to post some pictures of my holiday in the Isle of Wight last week so here they are. We had gorgeous weather which made my photos look pretty good, it would have been a whole different story if it had been rain and gloom.
We visited Osborne House which used to be owned by Queen Victoria, its pictured in the first two photos. Its so large that it was quite a challenge to fit the whole house in the photograph. The interior decoration inside is just incredible, unfortunately you were not allowed to photograph the interior. What I really loved the most about this place though, was the Swiss cottage where the royal children used to play and the small museum nearby. The museum contained some of the family's collection of objects, there was everything from taxidermy to gemstone collections. When I was little I used to collect gemstones and I now have quite a few which I now feel I should get back out and display properly.
We also saw the needles and went on a few walks which meant we saw some spectacular views. On one of the last days we visited a garden which was just so beautiful, the pictures of flowers at the bottom of this post are of this garden. I probably took way too many pictures of flowers there but I just couldn't resist. That is just a few snapshots of the holiday and really the best thing about the island is that you don't have to travel too far because the island in itself is quite small. 



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