Monday, 7 July 2014

Stumpwork strawberry plant

For my birthday I was given a book called Stumpwork Flowers by Sachiko Morimoto. It is really a brilliant book, there are several flowers with instructions on how to embroider them and also examples of projects you can use the flowers in. The instructions are very clear as  is the photography of the embroidery. Also, all the techniques needed are explained which is especially useful to me as I had never done any stumpwork before. I chose this strawberry plant motif out of the book to embroider. I really love the 3D elements of the embroidery and I now want to make up all of the flowers out of the book, which I am determined that I will do one day. First though I have a summer project for uni and I will be incorporating some stumpwork techniques into my work.
I'll put up a few pictures from my holiday later this week. We spent a week in the Isle of Wight and the weather was absolutely perfect, so I have a lot of sunny pictures and so many of flowers. I'm into the habit now of taking a picture of anything interesting at all because I'm always thinking about things I could use in a future project.

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