Friday, 8 August 2014

Fashion Friday: Vintage clothing

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to take a visit to some of the vintage shops in Bath to see if they are any good. Last Friday I went over to Bath and did just that. Firstly I must apologise for the fact that there are no pictures in this post, I should have taken some pictures of the outside of the shops but at the time I hadn't thought of writing this post. I went into three out of the four vintage shops that I know of in Bath, The Black and White Shop, Scarlet Vintage and Vintage to Vogue. I did want to have a look in Mint (which sells second hand designer clothes) as well but it closed down recently, although something good did come out of that which I'll get on to later.

But I'll start with Vintage to Vogue first, its a tiny shop tucked away down an alleyway at the top of Milsom street. This shop is the exact stereotype of a vintage shop that most people have, quite dark with everything crammed in. I had a flick through the rails but nothing caught my eye, I felt that everything had an old fashioned feel rather than vintage. What I'm trying to get at here is that without significant alterations you would look just like you'd stepped right out of the decade that your clothing was from. Also I'd say the majority of garments looked as if they'd be from the 40s/ 50s or later imitations which really isn't my style.
The Black and White Shop is described as a vintage shop everywhere but actually isn't. Its more like a charity shop but not for charity. There were items in there from Zara to M&S but nothing actually vintage. Second hand clothing from modern labels wasn't exactly what I was looking for so I ticked this shop off my list too.

Scarlet Vintage, however, was the best of the three and was exactly the kind of shop I was looking for. I could tell the clothing had been carefully picked out because it all looked very good quality with minimal wear and tear. The shop was very small but laid out nicely, the clothes were nicely arranged into day dresses, evening dresses, outerwear and tops. I did try on two dresses but one was several sizes too big (most vintage clothing seems to be sized as 10 or medium although modern sizes today are very different to vintage clothing sizes), and the other one wasn't right when I put it on. I will go back again because there will always be different clothes there, so you never know what you will find.
When I Googled Mint to see if they were still selling on their website I found another vintage website called Mint Vintage. The same name nearly, but a different shop. Their actual shop looks amazing but is in London but the website looks pretty good, lots of the clothes appeal to me and are well priced. So I haven't bought anything vintage yet but I shall keep my eyes on the shops I have found for now.

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