Monday, 15 September 2014

The Perpetual Maker

Have you visited my new website yet? If not, here's the perfect excuse; a new post is up on The Perpetual Maker blog now. Find out what's new on my knitting needles or browse the photos of my work and projects in the gallery section of the site.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

New website: The Perpetual Maker

After almost three years of writing Handmade By Hannah I am sad to say that it will soon no longer be updated with new posts, but I am very happy to say that I now have a website. My new website is called The Perpetual Maker and it also contains a new blog. Although I have loved writing on Blogger the time had come for me to create something which I could fully customise to be exactly the way I want it. Blogger was a good starting point but I felt limited about the way it looked and it was very difficult for me, not having a lot of knowledge of techy stuff to change the design. Although I am moving websites and blogs, my whole back catalogue of blog posts will still be available here at Handmade By Hannah.
The one annoying thing about starting somewhere new is that I had built up quite a good amount of daily page views here, so I will have to start all over again with that. Of course I have no idea really who has been reading this blog, I don't know whether I have regular readers or whether people find my blog through search engines and read the odd post here and there. But I hope that if there are people who enjoy reading Handmade by Hannah then they will also read the blog on my new website.
In case you are interested I have made my new website and blog using Weebly, I've been very impressed with it through the making process. Its incredibly easy to use and you can really personalise it to your own taste, making your site look unique. It is a free service, unless you want to upgrade to one of the more advanced versions. All I had to pay for was my custom domain, which isn't compulsory,  any thing else would have just come with /weebly on the end. I bought my custom domain directly from Weebly which was very simple but perhaps a little more expensive than other companies which you can purchase domains from. But I thought that it was worth it seeing as I'm getting the website for free.
As well as a blog The Perpetual Maker includes galleries full of images of my work, whether that be for university or projects I have made just for the sheer enjoyment of crafting. I hope you have enjoyed reading Handmade by Hannah over the years and I hope that you will find the same pleasure in reading my new blog. Don't forget to pay me a visit at The Perpetual Maker.



Thursday, 4 September 2014

Fabric origami with embroidered and fabric flowers

This summer I have had a project to do for uni, its kind of intertwined with the Warner Textile competition but our tutor made it into a whole project. Below are photos of my final sample which has a fabric origami background with sculpted fabric flowers and stumpwork flowers and leaves. I made each of the petals individually then stitched them together to create the flowers. The flowers are meant to look as if they have been scattered on the 3D fabric background.